(closed) student assistant

in Machine Learning, Robotics and Real-Time Systems


The Machine Learning Research Lab (MLRL) is looking for a master student (d/f/m) in the domain of machine learning, control and robotics in Munich. The MLRL is part of Volkswagen Group IT and tackles fundamental research in machine learning and optimal control. We develop new methods for generative time series modelling and control of dynamical systems. These algorithms are evaluated on real systems, e.g. robot arms or mobile robots, to prove their applicability to real world data. For this purpose a robot lab with a variety of robotic systems, motion capture systems, a diverse set of sensors and so forth is available. The focus of this position is the extension of our set of robotic platforms as well as our machine-learning framework. We want to reproduce our robot control results on more robotic platforms and improve our methodologies.

Your Tasks

  • development of additional robot platforms, inspired by popular reinforcement learning environments;
  • extension of our robotics middleware with new interfaces to sensors and actuators;
  • development of simulation environments based on PyBullet or Isaac-Sim;
  • programming of automated tests on real robot hardware for continuous integration;
  • building up a experimental site using cameras, tracking systems and tactile sensors;
  • programming of time series models and extensions of machine-learning pipelines;
  • implementation of state of the art reinforcement learning algorithms for benchmarking;
  • evaluation of these models on the simulator and real robot.

Your Qualifications

You should meet a few of these and be eager to learn about the rest.

  • student (bachelor/master) in a STEM-related discipline;
  • interest in machine learning, robotics, computer vision, technical and mathematical challenges;
  • very good with Python and C++;
  • very good with git, docker, gitlab CI;
  • very good with simulations, such as PyBullet, PhysX, OpenAI Gym;
  • knowledgeable in probabilistic machine learning, reinforcement learning, control;
  • some knowledge in robotics, electrical engineering, CAD, rapid prototyping;
  • excellent communication and social skills.

Please contact us at arg-min \(\text{@}\) argmax.ai if you are interested. Mention "learning to control" in your email subject for this particular opening.

Announcement at Volkswagen Stellenbörse